Current work: B r e w e d

Brewed is a collection of work inspired by the grip mental illness has had on me and mine. Digital culture often paints a simplified picture of mental illness when in reality it is complex and layered. 
Through this series – ‘Brewed’ I attempt to peel these complex layers and lay them bare.

I try to portray the rawness of the mental illnesses, sacrifices and compromises made by families. It’s about the void that can never be filled. Edges of the canvas are not tidied, to resemble these illnesses spilling over. One of the artwork was burnt in places to denote the disintegration of a patient’s mental capabilities, memories, relationships, behaviors and finally the gaping hole represents the void it creates not just in the patients but also the caregivers.

I want you, the viewer, to think about the effect of these mental illnesses. I want you to talk about it, I want you to normalize it, I want you to share these stories, I want you to lend an ear or a shoulder, I want you to think about it each time you take a sip  of coffee.

Virtual exhibition (Click on guided tour)