i live and breathe to travel. you should by now be aware, i intend to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle. so if you would like to see me paint live, get in touch, commission a painting and invite me over. i along with my muse also click photographs and am working on making prints available soon. i paint some of these images i finds interesting. if there is a monument or a local building you have fallen in love with, think of a medium and get in touch. i never back out of a challenge, so challenge me with an interesting medium

Title: Vidhana Soudha
Year: 2016
Medium: Coffee on canvas
Size: 3 feet x 1.5 feet
Description: Employees of Zephyr solutions, Bangalore were clueless as to what to gift their CEO who is visiting them for the first time. They wanted something that would remind him of India, Bangalore and filter coffee.
I sat and brainstormed with the employee team and came up with Vidhana Soudha with street vendors, tuk tuks and Maruti car that is iconic to Bangalore
Though the painting has more than 40 layers of coffee in it and very intricate details, it was finished in a record 3 days.

Title: Colosseum
Year: 2015
Medium: Coffee on canvas
Size: 12 in x 16 in
Description: This is a painting of a picture of the
colosseum I took during my backpacking trip to
Italy in 2015. It now resides in the house of an
architect from Bangalore.

Title: An evening in Cappadocia
Year: 2016
Medium: Coffee on canvas
Size: 5 feet x 3 feet
Description: Sultan Cave suites is a five star property located in Capadoccia, Turkey. This painting, ‘An evening in Capadoccia’ was commissioned to be hung in their reception. Made with turkish coffee on canvas, the painting depicts the view from the hotel balcony, a guest could enjoy.