if you are interested in commissioning a portrait or a painting or a mural or just want to talk to the distractor – get in touch. it would be helpful if you know what you would like to commission, size and in what medium. if you are clueless, its better – he loves to discuss and come up with a boat load of ideas and you can pick one or two up.

how it works: talk to me, we could skype or use google hangouts – i would love to hear about you or the idea (or person) behind the painting. your inputs are more than welcome. we could then discuss a price and upon payment, i will start the painting. you can chose the kind of updates you want. some people want to be surprised, some want 2-3 pictures of work in progress, i am ok with both. once the painting is almost done, i will send you a picture and i can try accommodating minor changes. after the painting is completely sealed, it is wrapped in plastic, rolled and placed in an air tight pvc pipe. silica is added, just for additional moisture resistance. paintings are shipped via india post (reliable and easy on the enthusiast’s pocket) unless otherwise advised. you will receive instructions on how to display and protect the painting. all paintings are dated and signed.

once you receive the painting, take a picture with it and send it to me, leave a review, recommend me to your friends and family.

ps ask me as many questions as you want. at the end of the day it is your painting and i would like you to be totally satisfied with it.

pps the distractor reserves the  right to use the artwork in marketing and promotional material. this also applies to bespoke works. sale of artwork is not sale of copyright.