Self portrait. Coffee on canvas 12 in x 10 in

coffee was forbidden for kids in my house while i was growing up. i was a highly energetic child and the last thing i needed was more stimulants. but my mother would reward good behavior by tipping a sip of her coffee into my mug of milk once in a while. i loved the taste and naturally i craved more of the forbidden elixir.

i can’t recall when i first touched a paint brush but the walls of my childhood home tell a compelling story from the marks i made on them. i picked up the brush again after a hiatus of 20 years. back home after riding and backpacking my way around the length and breadth of india, i was cleaning my closet and found the brush i pestered my dad to buy as a child – a camlin flat 4 that probably cost less than Rs.20.

a good friend of mine is a coffee enthusiast and i thought it would be fun to paint her likeness in coffee. in the end she didn’t think the portrait resembled her, but the attempt rekindled my interest in painting and fueled my love affair with coffee. i’ve been using this surprisingly versatile medium for a few years now, and it’s variety of tones and depth of colour never cease to fascinate me.
my love for travel gives me endless inspiration and i’m fortunate that my coffee paintings have provided me the means. i have a dream to travel the world on a motorcycle and if my paintings can aid me in this endeavor, my creative circle will be complete.

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